Areas of Expertise

Medical - Legal - Medical Malpractice; Products Liability; Negligence and Other Torts

medical litigation new jersey As a certified civil trial attorney, was chief plaintiff’s counsel in more than a thousand civil actions involving personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability and negligence cases. Successfully tried numerous wrongful death cases. In Medical-Legal area of practice, cases of public interest included:

Chief trial counsel in what is believed to be the first case in which a New Jersey jury returned a liability verdict against a doctor and nurses for the suicide death of their patient; Mendes v. Thomas(1986).
Counsel in appellate case establishing a new rule of law which tolled the commencement of the statute of limitations in cases where a minor was sexually abused and the resultant psychological injury adversely affected the ability of the victim to timely assert her rights; Jones v. Jones (1990)
Counsel in wrongful death case representing family of indigent man who had committed no crime, who burned to death in Hudson County jail fire. Claim was based upon the violation of the decedent’s constitutional rights for failure of the county to comply with reasonable standards, the violation of which were actually the subject of a court order the prior year in a federal action; Cepitello v. Hudson County (1986)
Trial counsel in case which obtained, as of that date, what is believed to be the highest recovery in a personal injury suit against Rutgers, the State University based upon a breach of security at the University; Levine v. Rutgers (1994)
Chief Counsel in numerous Products Liability Cases including a major claim against General Motors for Defective Design of an Automobile
Chief Counsel in a case which created a new rule of law in New Jersey which tolled the Statute of Limitations in cases where a minor was sexually assaulted and the resulting psychological injury prevented the victim from timely asserting her Right To Recovery.