Mother Teresa’s Brief Filed in Mr. Cassidy’s Case

Mother Teresa's Supreme Court Brief

Mother Teresa’s Supreme Court Brief Filed in Mr. Cassidy’s CaseHarold Cassidy had the great honor and pleasure to work with the great Mother Teresa, since having been canonized by the Catholic Church as Saint Mother Teresa. Posted below is a copy of the Friend of the Court Brief which Mother Teresa filed with the United States Supreme Court in support of one of Mr. Cassidy’s cases. The story of that brief was included on the inside cover of the ten year commemorative edition of Mother Teresa’s brief, which is believed to be the only time Mother Teresa ever formally petitioned a government. That short inside cover story reads as follows:

Amicus Curiae Brief
Mother Teresa of Calcutta

In 1994, Mother Teresa of Calcutta filed a Friend of the Court Brief with the United States Supreme Court. It was identical in all aspects to this replication except for this commemoration. It is believed that this was the only time she petitioned any government. She did so on behalf of unborn children. The case in which Mother Teresa’s brief was filed, Loce v. New Jersey, was the first abortion case in which Harold Cassidy, now Chief Counsel for the National Foundation for Life, appeared as legal counsel. Mother Teresa’s brief began as a draft of an affidavit developed between Mother Teresa and Mr. Cassidy, Mother giving her hand written comments on various drafts. When it was determined that Mother Teresa’s comments should take the form of a Friend of the Court Brief, the prominent professor, Robert George, who now occupies the McCormick Chair at Princeton University, accepted the request to act as Mother Teresa’s attorney. Professor George, with the assistance of William Porth, Jr., Esq., helped Mother Teresa compose her stirring and inspirational plea, a nine page exposition of Mother Teresa speaking from the heart to the Supreme Court and calling America to the faithfulness to what it once taught the world.