Public Speeches

Harold Cassidy’s Speech at Princeton University, 2002

In 2002, Harold Cassidy was invited to speak at Princeton University to present commentary on his novel legal work to protect the constitutional rights of pregnant mothers, particularly in the context of abortion. Here is the video of that speech which touches on some of his revolutionary work in that field

Harold Cassidy’s Speech at Notre Dame University, 2009

In 2009, the students at Notre Dame University requested Harold Cassidy to speak to the student body in advance of President Obama’s address at the university. Mr. Cassidy’s speech was around the 25th anniversary of a watershed speech given by Governor Mario Cuomo at Notre Dame. Governor Cuomo taught Mr. Cassidy while he was in law school, and Mr. Cassidy took President Obama’s appearance as an opportunity to point out the number of flaws in Governor Cuomo’s assumptions and argument made 25 years earlier.

Following Mr. Cassidy’s presentation, Governor Cuomo wrote to the Notre Dame students and thanked Mr. Cassidy for his “graciousness” and thoughtful presentation.

The exact content of Mr. Cassidy’s 2009 speech at Notre Dame appears below. The video of this speech may be posted at a subsequent date

Testimony Presented by Harold Cassidy to The New Jersey Legislature in 1981
Pertaining to Adoption Laws